What Do Silk Eye Masks Do?

silk mask

Healthy sleep is an important component of the life cycle of every person. The thing is, a person feels rested and full of energy only after a night of normal and sound sleep. And those who cannot fully rest at night feel tired, uncoordinated, become irritable, and lose their ability to work the whole next day.

There are many effective ways and techniques to help fight insomnia. One of them is to use a handmade sleep mask. As a rule, it is an opaque blindfold shaped glasses mask. The mask is made in such a way that it gives the feeling of darkness even during daylight hours. This property is especially valuable for those who have to work at night and sleep during the day.

Some scientists believe that resting in complete darkness has a positive effect on the state of the immune and nervous systems. Therefore, the mask will be useful even for people who do not experience problems with sleep.

Besides, those who are lightly asleep or suffer from insomnia due to external stimuli (bright, flashing advertisements, car headlights, lights shining in the window) will appreciate all the benefits of using the mask.

Types of sleep masks

Sleep masks are very different, they differ in models, colors, the fabric they are made from. So, it is obvious that you can sew a cloth bandage yourself. Both synthetic and natural fabrics are suitable for this, but the most popular are masks made from natural silk. Having made the mask yourself, you can decorate it with lace, rhinestones, beads, or hand embroidery.

An accessory such as a sleeping bandage not only contributes to good rest but also prevents the appearance of deep wrinkles and helps to smooth expression lines.

It is silk masks that are preferred by popular people who pay lots of attention to their skin care and skin condition. By creating the mask on your own, you can put a filler inside it, which will have a positive effect on your health.

To lower blood pressure, relieve eye strain and fatigue, use a mask with cedar filler during sleep. Lavender filler will help calm the nervous system. Keep in mind, cottonseed filler is no less popular.

A sleep mask is a great gift for those who travel a lot and do not always have comfortable conditions for rest.

Step-by-step master class – DIY dream mask

To make a sleep mask, you will need the following materials:

Basic fabric (satin, silk, etc.);
Polycotton (cotton thermally welded with padding polyester);
Elastic band (1 cm wide, 29 cm long);
Threads in the color of the main material;
Satin bias tape in the color of the base material.

You will also need a sewing machine, scissors, chalk, a ruler, a pin, a needle for hand sewing, pins, an iron. The mask is filled with dried lavender flowers. They will take about 5g. You can draw a pattern for a sleep mask yourself or use a ready-made one by printing it on a printer.

What should you do to make a silk mask?

First, you need to prepare the front of the mask. Using tailor’s chalk and a ruler, mark the stitch lines on it. Then the part of the mask must be applied to the poly-cotton and pinned in several places with pins.

After that, the mask must be sewed on a sewing machine, and the pins must be removed.

Decorate your mask and a cozy sleep mask is completely ready!