What Is The Best Treatment For Insomnia?

Insomnia treatment

These days, insomnia is a quite common sleep disorder among adults all over the world. However, there is no single universal cure for sleep deprivation – the success of treatment usually depends on individual factors and health conditions. Many patients find an insomnia treatment in New York City helpful for effective healing. Let’s discover what insomnia treatment actually works the best, and can see a chiropractor help with insomnia?

Insomnia meaning in a glance

The term «insomnia» determines a sleep disorder in which a patient is suffering from the difficulties of falling or\and staying asleep. Insomnia can be both short-term or chronic – a first condition goes for insomnia lasting from one night to several weeks, and chronic insomnia is when sleep deprivation is observed from three nights per week to three months or more.

There are two main types of insomnia:

1. Primary insomnia – troubles with sleeping are not related to any health problem; usually appears because of a stress condition, changes in the sleep schedule, or external factors like noise.

2. Secondary – sleep problems appear due to certain health conditions, like depression or taking medications; secondary insomnia is caused by the appearance of pain at night, tobacco or alcohol consumption, certain medicine, potent mental health disorders like depression, and others.

Treatment for insomnia

1. Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an urgent and widespread method for the treatment of chronic insomnia, since it doesn’t bring any health risks. CBT-I concentrates on the issues because of which patients are suffering from sleep deprivation and then replacing these questions with healthier positions. Typically, this therapy consists of sleep hygiene, sleep education, relaxation, sleep restriction, and so on. The totality of these components often leads to set up a sleep schedule and lifestyle habits, building good relationships with the sleeping area, and practicing different relaxation techniques for achieving the best sleep condition.

2. Chiropractic session

The common question sounds like can a chiropractor help with insomnia? Actually, yes – chiropractic is a great solution for people living with long-term insomnia. A spinal adjustment can help to improve a patient’s immune system as well as reduce tension on certain nerves that as a result lead to the appearance of insomnia. Relieving insomnia happens due to stretching, proper exercising, massage for a whole body, and changing lifestyle habits for improving sleep quality.

3. Medications

Taking any of the medications should be always agreed upon with your doctor, so be aware of the medicine you are going to take in order not to get side effects or downsides. Medications for relieving insomnia usually are divided into some groups, including:

· Melatonin agonist – works as natural hormone melatonin, which helps to feel relaxation and sleepiness.

· Orexin receptor antagonist – acts as an orexin neurotransmitter and can be used as a good insomnia treatment.

· Benzodiazepines – these psychoactive drugs are not recommended for chronic insomnia since they have a high risk for abuse, but are likely to help with short-term insomnia.

· Nonbenzodiazepines – acts similar to benzodiazepines with decrease the risk of side effects appearance.