How to Sleep With Hair Extensions?

hair extenction

Of course, long hair is a dream for many women. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to grow a lush head of hair on your own. In this case, hair extension comes to the rescue, with which you can give your curls the desired length and volume.

Proper care of hair extensions is the key to maintaining an effective and long-lasting result after the procedure. Its main goal is to save donor strands and maintain the health of your curls.

Why has the hair extension become so popular?

Extended hair is not only beautiful but also fashionable and comfortable. Imagine that you have a bob haircut and you want to have long hair. And you wonder: “Why not extend your hair?” After all, this procedure will take only a couple of hours instead of many years. In short, hair extensions are a great way to make yourself better.

But many women wonder: “How to care for hair extensions?” and “How to sleep with hair extensions?”. The rules and useful tips are presented in the article.

Varieties of hair

Today, artificial hair is rarely used for extensions. It is replaced by a completely natural one, that can be of the following varieties:

  1. Slavic. It is considered to be of the highest quality since it is soft, has a natural shine, and is also quite easy to clean. By the way, extensions using this type of hair are the most expensive.
  2. South Russian hair is stiff compared to Slavic, however, unlike the previous one, it can be used for the procedure only twice.
  3. European hair is not durable, and besides, it is difficult to care for. Also, a negative point can be called the fact that European hair can be used for extensions only once. Subsequent correction is carried out using new strands.
  4. Asian hair is rarely used since it differs in rigidity and structure from the hair of most of the inhabitants of the country.

Sleep rules

How to sleep with hair extensions? Since it is convenient for most girls to wash their hair before bedtime, it is recommended to wait until it dries completely. The fact is that if you sleep with wet hair, then, in addition to unpleasant creases and a lack of volume, you can get tangled strands, which are very difficult to comb later.

It is also recommended fixing the hair at the location of the capsules before going to bed. This is necessary so that during sleep they do not get entangled in tangles. It is considered the best option to braid a weak braid or pull your hair into a ponytail.

To sum it up, it is important to mention that you should carefully weigh all the positive and negative sides before hair extension. It is also essential to study the points of caring for such curls. Keep in mind, if the recommendations are not followed correctly, the hair will lose its natural appearance rather quickly.